Gastronomic Events in Cuenca

Cesar Jimenez, born in Caracas, Venezuela, from childhood his passion was cooking, inherited the art of cooking from his father. At 18 he entry High Training Educational Institute and at 23 years at Johnson and Wales in North Miami.

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Gastronomic Events in Guayaquil

In his native Puerto Rico, Chef Antonio Perez, learned virtues of the Latin-Caribbean cuisine, that meeting led him discover the craft of professional chef which led him to make a classic and hotelier training in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants chain Ritz-Carlton Hotels in various countries including USA, Italy (Bvlgari Hotels), Japan, Jamaica and Spain.

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Gastronomic Events in Manta

Our Executive and proudly Ecuadorian Chef Fabian Avila invites you to enjoy memorable dining experiences. His extensive experience is reflected in the dishes offered in the 4 restaurants at Hotel.

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